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IV Therapy Treatments

 Healthy diet, exercise, and adequate rest are necessary for optimal immune system operation.  However, eating the perfect diet and achieving restorative sleep is not always possible.  Modern day work schedules, family responsibilities, and a national diet high in inexpensive, processed foods can make staying healthy a challenge.

 Depending upon your physiological make-up and diet, your digestive tract may not be absorbing the nutrients your body needs to sustain optimal metabolic function.  The human body does not synthesize vitamins.  We only get them from what we put into our bodies. 

 Circumventing the digestive tract optimizes the intake of vitamins and minerals, ensuring that 100% of the good stuff gets into your bloodstream right away.  Your body will then soak up all that it needs to reduce deficiency and optimize metabolic function.

"KIVA kleanse"- Detox / Antioxidants 

 Detox- This pure high dose Glutathione vitamin drip is great to support immune function, detox the body from the inside out, breakdown free radicals, improve skin clarity and decrease inflammatory processes.


"KIVA kocktail"- Hangover Help

The Myer’s cocktail is the original micronutrient drip developed by Dr. John Myer in the 1960’s to treat many chronic illnesses, fatigue, viral infections, muscle aches and more.  This is KIVA's version of the Classic Myer's.              

"KIVA knockout"- Beauty

B vitamins for skin nourishment, Biotin (hair and nail growth) and Vitamin C (to help your collagen keep its shape). This drip is designed to make you look and feel great, from the inside out.       


"KIVA kruiser"- Jet Lag 

Replenish the drain on your system caused by traveling. Accelerate jet-lag recovery with this signature I.V. Vitamin Infusion. Long haul flights, cross country trips, living in hotels disrupt our circadian rhythyms.  Full of Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Glutathione, to treat muscle tension and help you catch up on lost sleep.


"KIVA kure"- Immunity

Boost your immune system with this i.v. drip of high dose of Vitamin C, antioxidants and immune system supporters, including Zinc, and B Vitamins.                

"KIVA kompetitor"- Energy Booster/ Athlete
"KIVA komfort"- Post/Pre- Operation

Surgery is stressful. Help your body recover at the cellular level by receiving high doses of Vitamin C, amino acids, Selenium and MIC. 


For an easy boost of hydration and energy, before and after a long workout, race, competition or sporting event, these high doses of electrolytes, amino acids and minerals will supply your body with the replenishment it needs. 


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