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  • How do I prepare for my appointment?
    Avoid all anti aging skin care near the area to be treated for a 1-2 weeks prior to your appointment. No blood thinners (unless prescribed by a doctor) such as aspirin, alcohol, vitamin D, and vitamin E for 48 hours before. No antibiotics or steroids during the treatment or through the healing phase. No botox or dermal fillers for 2-4 weeks before or after your treatment. Light exfoliating of the area to be treated and mild moisturizer for hydration help prep the skin. WATER WATER WATER! Staying hydrated promotes and aids in healthy healing.
  • Do you charge for Touch Ups?
    Your first scheduled service will come with a 4-8 week touch up included in the quoted cost. We book that Touch Up before you leave your initial appointment. You will owe nothing at your Touch Up appointment, unless you cancel with less than 48 hours notice or no show. At that point there is a fee to reschedule.
  • What if I need an additional Touch Up?
    While it is very uncommon to need an additional touch up in less than a year, it can happen. Medications, lifestyle, internal health and how well you followed your aftercare instructions play a large role in the success and outcome of a cosmetic or restorative tattoo treatment. If for some reason you feel you are in need, we quote based on how long it has been since your last appointment. For example: If you need a touch up after 6 months, you will not be charged as a full Retouch (more on Retouches below) and rather at a discounted rate.
  • What is a Retouch?
    A Retouch is a maintenance appointment scheduled after a year or more of your initial service. It is important to have these appointments scheduled as they help ensure a consistent color and desired shape.
  • When should I book a Retouch?
    You should book your Retouch once you notice that fading has occurred. We ask you to send photos to make sure you are ready as part of keeping things visually natural and/or soft is to not oversaturate in pigment.
  • What is considered a “Retouch”?
    A Retouch is any maintenance appointment following a service that has originally been done by Carrie. Timelines you can expect to be considered a Retouch are as follows: Eyebrows - Every 1-2 years Eyeliner - Every 1-5 years Lips - Every 1-3 Years Camouflage - Every 1-2 years Areola - Every 5-10 years (this is considered a body tattoo and therefore tattoo inks are used)
  • How long does eyeliner last?
    Eyeliner is considered permanent because many dark pigments contain carbon which is very long lasting iron oxide and in thin skin on the eyelids, the lasting power is that much stronger. Maintenance is required to keep the color and shape fresh and you should expect to need a Retouch every 2-5 years.
  • How long do Eyebrows last?
    Typically your brows will last 1-2 years before a maintenance Retouch is required.
  • How long does a Lip Blush last?
    On average, a Lip Blush will last 2-3 years between Retouches.
  • Why do your Eyebrows look so red in pictures?
    Carrie has a process for layering pigments that is essential to the longevity of the brows. Warmth is added to pigments at the first appointment to lay a foundational layer into the skin. This is necessary so the brows don’t prematurely or significantly shift to an unwanted ashy tone. Over time the intensity of Florida sun, humidity, salty air, skin oils and skincare will cause fading, this is unavoidable. It is important that as this happens, your pigment color stays rich and natural in tone. Please do not be concerned if your pigment color isn’t perfect or exact after your first heal. That is intentional and why we include one touch up appointment in the cost. Carrie has seen her work age over the last (almost) decade and has adjusted her process based on that experience. It is important that you trust Carrie, trust the process and remain patient through the initial service appointments. After you heal from the touch up, the color should be either exact or very very close to the expected and desired outcome. No guarantees can be made because every skin tone, type and retention is different but every effort is made to make sure you are 100% happy.
  • Do you offer consultations for Cosmetic Tattooing (Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips, Camo)?
    While we don’t take stand alone consultation appointments, we do have an initial consult over the phone where we answer any and all questions as well as confirm a date and time. We then ask that you send photos with no makeup/filters, or of the area to be treated for a recommendation. Carrie also provides a very thorough and detailed consultation at the beginning of your first appointment. You will discuss consent forms, shapes, styles, size, symmetry, colors, your pets, your kids and everything in between. We take a lot of time to ensure you connect and are comfortable in the studio. We are almost a decade in and this has always worked for us. Please read our reviews to see what our clients have to say about their experience.
  • Who is not a good candidate for brows?
    Most people can have this treatment done without any complications but some contraindications are: skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema in the area to be treated, if you are currently taking steroids or antibiotics (please finish your dosage and then book), currently using accutane, have a blood disorder like sickle cell anemia, hemophilia or platelet disorder, history of keloids, pregnant or breast feeding. In most cases this treatment can be done on everyone as long as there is a doctor’s consent provided. If you have questions of whether this is right for you, please fill out our virtual consultation form.
  • What can I expect after my Cosmetic Tattoo appointment?
    Expect the treated area to show signs of inflammation. Uneven swelling, redness, and on some minor bruising is normal and can take anywhere from 1-5 days to subside, depending on skin sensitivity. The color will appear very intense initially and will continue to intensify as the pigments go through the oxidation process. This typically lasts 1-2 days. Around day 3-5 the area will lightly flake and the natural exfoliation process will begin. Allow this to happen on its own. DO NOT PICK THE AREA. Picking can cause uneven color retention and potentially cause scarring, and Carrie will know... At the end of the flaking phase you will notice the tone is 50-70% lighter and not exactly the color expected. THIS IS NORMAL. The color will begin to bloom through the healthy skin formed during the shedding phase. The blooming process takes about 30-60 days to fully reveal the stable pigment color. Brows and eyeliner bloom the quickest, closer to 30-45 days. Lips and Camo take the longest to bloom so expect color shifts each week for a full 8 weeks. At that point you will return for your touch up appointment for Carrie to assess what is needed to finish the service, even out colors, intensify colors, and tweak shape, etc. After the touch up is complete, you can expect at least a year of beautiful, natural results. ***It is normal to have slight asymmetry. Our faces are not perfect or symmetrical and we have different muscles that work at different rates. For example, it is very common for clients to have what we refer to as a “brow pull”. This is when the muscles on one side of the face are stronger than the other and can create and uneven movement when the person is focusing- think Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. While he over dramatizes his, it is a very common thing and we see it daily. Your brows are not uneven, your muscle movement is- this is NORMAL and adds character to the face! You may also have slight asymmetry due to sleeping and what side you favor. Age is also a factor as muscle movement and skin elasticity change over time. While every effort is made to ensure harmony and symmetry, please expect to have some slight noticeable differences when the brows are fresh. We always say “eyebrows are sisters not twins!”. Once healed, these minor differences and severity subside, and your face will look more like you, only polished and refreshed! Brows are strictly cosmetic and you cannot expect them to act like botox or any other injectable.
  • If my cosmetic tattoos were done elsewhere, can I get my Retouch done by Carrie?
    Most are considered corrective due to shape or color inconsistencies and will need 2-3 appointments. Expect to be taken on as a new service but if Carrie feels she can successfully complete the job in a 2 hour Retouch session, you will be quoted the cost of a New Client Retouch. We are fair and understand artists move and people move. If we feel the work to be retouched is up to our quality standards, and truly only needs a retouch, we will honor it. Photos with no makeup/filters of the area to be treated are required. This is extremely rare as most will need to start over with Carrie to achieve the desired results. We do not know what pigment was used before (organic, inorganic, hybrid), colors, or how well our pigments will mix, cover or correct.
  • Does it hurt?
    This is somewhat of a loaded question because everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Every effort taken to ensure you are comfortable, and topical anesthetics are used both before and during every procedure as needed. Often guests will sleep through services but expect to feel some type of tenderness.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! We offer Afterpay and you can choose that option when you check out after your service. However, if you plan to use Afterpay, we recommend confirming you are approved for the specified amount before the day of your service.
  • Why is a deposit required to book?
    Deposits, also known as “booking fees” are put in place to protect both Carrie and the guests time. We spend 3 ½ hours with you at your first appointment and 1 ½-2 hours with you at the touch up. These appointments are in high demand and cannot be filled last minute as we do have our clients prepare for their appointments. A deposit secures your time and date, is NON REFUNDABLE and goes toward the cost of your appointment. It is not an additional fee. We do understand that things beyond our control do come up, so we allow one transfer of the deposit to a new date and time, if rescheduled within the 48 hours required notice. *****When making your initial appointment, we give you 48 hours to pay your deposit and secure the agreed upon date and time. If we do not receive it in that window, we release the appointment to the next guest in waiting.
  • What do you use to numb?
    Lidocaine, Prilocaine, Tetracaine, all of the caine’s. Epinephrine is also used alongside but if you have an aversion we have an alternative secondary anesthetic without epinephrine.
  • Do you do corrections?
    Yes! We believe that you must execute everything well to be a specialist. And if something can’t be corrected because of over saturation or shape issues, we also offer Xtract Tattoo Removal. A few photos will be required to assess and determine the best treatment plan.
  • Do you map?
    Yes! The predraw is the most important part of the process! Carrie uses a method called reverse mapping which is essentially using white or light concealer to outline the shape and block out the area surrounding. This allows for angles and symmetry to be completely visible. While this can be hard to look at and understand (often feeling thick and blocky but the outcome is never that), Carrie will talk you through and make sure you are comfortable before beginning to numb you. This is a team effort and if you feel something doesn’t look symmetrical or you’d like to change/tweak, please speak up. We are here to help you save time and we want you to love your new cosmetic tattoo. That being said, Carrie will ask questions and consult before beginning to map to make sure you are both on the same page. Please bring photos of Carrie’s work as examples of what you like and are drawn to. @browsandbeautyagogo on IG and FB for many options and tons of variety. Photos of what other artists have done are very hard to replicate because every technician has a different approach, style and technique.
  • Can I have Cosmetic or Restorative Tattooing done if I’m pregnant?
    No, sorry. It’s worth the wait.
  • Can I get Cosmetic or Restorative Tattooing done if I’m breast feeding?
    Not without Doctors written approval.
  • Can you have Cosmetic or Restorative Tattooing done if you are undergoing cancer treatments?
    In most cases no. There are rare circumstances and with doctor’s consent that are considered.
  • What type of training has Carrie had?
    Carrie has hundreds of training hours in different styles of Eyebrows, Lips, and Eyeliner as well as Medical education and Restorative artistry. She has also taught at Nouveau Contour, one of the most prestigious academies in Cosmetic and Restorative Tattooing. She has undergone private and group classes to stay up to date on the most modern and advanced techniques in a constantly evolving industry. Carrie is a firm believer in staying consistent with learning and growing her skill set, and continues to take 1-2 trainings per year. She also mentors and teaches 1 on 1 in her studio to help other artists elevate and stay up to date on new skills and techniques.
  • How much experience does Carrie have?
    Carrie has been licensed by the state of Florida and performing Cosmetic Tattooing since 2015 and Restorative since 2018. She has learned from her experience in the industry and continues to push herself to be the best option for her clients. She has men, women and fellow artists come from all over the country to have work done by her.
  • Why are you guys so expensive?
    While our pricing is actually average or slightly above in our area, Carrie sets her services pricing based on experience, education and overall level of skill and service provided. She books 3 ½ hours for your initial appointment and 2 hours for your touch up. We do not believe this is a walk-in type of treatment or procedure. Preparations have to be made for optimal results and we take every step and effort to make sure you are thrilled with us from the initial contact through your touch up and then on to your retouches. Carrie uses the most high quality ingredients and tools as well as provides aftercare kits with skincare she has developed to be safe for healing, and protecting the investment of your new Cosmetic or Restorative tattoos. We pride ourselves in providing not only a high level of skill and artistry but stellar customer service. We hear from our clients often that the amount of time and care both Autumn and Carrie provide is unmatched. We love what we do and every guest we come into contact with knows and can feel that when interacting with us. We are a specialized studio, not just offering 1 service but well rounded in many. There is a famous quote: “You get what you pay for” and that is incredibly true in the world of all forms of tattooing. Discounts are nice and we may offer them sporadically throughout the year but this should not be the determining factor on allowing someone to permanently alter your face or any damaged tissue on the body. It’s also important to remember how long these services last. When compared to having your hair, skin, nails, lashes, botox and dermal fillers done throughout the course of a year, this service cost is actually relatively low.
  • Are you and your studio licensed?
    Yes, of course. Good question! Tattoo Artist License #: 52-44-1645871 Tattoo Establishment License #: 53-44-2239805 Biomedical Waste Permit: 52-64-2239887
  • Do you offer consultations for 3D Areola?
    Yes, we do! We need to go over your medical history; the treatments, dates/timelines/types of surgery, medications, and any infections, as this can affect the tissue to be tattooed. I also apply a product called a Nipple Back which is a temporary areola and nipple complex tattoo. We want to give you some time to get used to loving them. This will also give you time to determine if you like the location, size, shape and color or if you would like to tweak those details.
  • What is the difference between restorative tattooing on scars and stretchmarks, and traditional microneedling?
    Dry tattooing, also known as MCA or Multi-Trepannic Collagen Actuation, is the most precise and intense form of skin needling available on the market. It is essentially a tattoo procedure without pigments where the outcome of the healing process results in dermal remodeling. Using the same principles as microneedling the different needle configurations available create evenly distributed micro injuries on the damaged skin for blood to come into the treated area.
  • What can I expect after my Restorative Tattoo appointment?
    If you are booked for dermal remodeling expect to use serums 2-3 times a day and keep the treated area covered. We use the wet heal method as it is the bodies preferred environment for repairing damaged tissue. This will require some maintenance for the first 2-3 weeks. Scars and Stretch Marks can take up to 3 months to fully heal and may require 2 or more sessions to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • What can I expect after my 3D Areola Tattoo?
    Carrie will cover the tattoos with tagaderm and that will stay on for the first 24 hours, minimum. After that layer is removed, you will replace it with a new dressing and that will remain on for 5 days. Please try to allow the area to breathe and wear loose clothing for the first week, if possible. After the second tagaderm patch is removed, the tattoo should be mostly healed and no significant peeling should occur. Light, unscented lotion is then applied a few times a day while the skin continues to settle. A touch up is booked 8-10 weeks out to address any lost color and intensify details. The touch up is included in your original quoted cost. *** If you have allergies to bandaids or adhesives please make sure Carrie knows so your healing protocol can be adjusted.

Careful aftercare is very important for producing a beautiful and lasting result.


It’s important not to sweat for the entire healing process. 3 days no gym, afterward no sweat in the brow/eyeliner/lip area while it heals.

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