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It's time to define age defying.

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We help you  improve your natural appearance while also saving you valuable time and money in your daily makeup routine.

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Carrie uses an innovative combination of technologies to achieve ultimate results.


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Powder Brows

Creating shading in the skin for a soft, shadow-like effect that mimics powder. The most versatile brow technique, this offers a structured and defined look that ranges from ultra-natural to strong and bold.

First and second session

(4 - 6 weeks apart) included in price.

Lip Blush

Creating a soft lip stain with no harsh outlining. This lip blush is highly versatile with colors that range from ultra-natural to bold and is the perfect fix for unevenness in color, shape, scars, overall color or to restore lip line.

First and second session

(4 - 6 weeks apart) included in price.

3D Areola Tattooing

Hyper-realistic areola tattoos for breast cancer survivors that have gone through a single or double mastectomy, scarred areolas or botched plastic surgery – or for those just looking to restore color.

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***Please fill in the form below and provide photos of the area you’d like to be treated. If you’re interested in our cosmetic services; brows, eyes and lips, please submit photos with no makeup and in good lighting from different angles. This will help us recommend what service is best suited to you. 

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