Perfect makeup doesn't need to be a tedious, expensive, and draining task. Imagine makeup without the less than perfect and unpredictable results that just fade away. There is a permanent makeup solution. A professional makeup artist applies a lasting cosmetic tattoo application with all the professional tricks and illusions of makeup. Defy age, contour and enhance features, shade and create dimension, and correct symmetry with this permanent solution.* Your brows, eyes, and lips can be the epitome of perfection.*


Permanent Brows
We are constantly plucking our brows and then drawing in the gaps. Our brows frame our face and significantly affect the appearance of our eyes. When age, medical treatments, genetics, and scarring complicate our brows, we need a better solution than our tweezers and liner. There is an answer to our thinning and misshapen brows. Microblading, Powder Method and a Combination of the two provide a simple and more permanent solution.* A skilled professional injects pigment just beneath the skin, providing a natural appearance to enhance or correct the eyebrows.* With an application that can be just as permanent as a tattoo, it is effortless to maintain perfect brows.*


Permanent Eyeliner
Imagine batting your full lashes with the defining frame of perfectly applied eyeliner, without ever having to apply eyeliner to your eyes. Lash enhancements are now a reality that make it possible. The technique involves cosmetic tattooing within the hairline of the upper eyelid, and even the lower eyelid. It contours the eyes, provides definition, and perfectly enhances the eyelashes with a permanent application.* It creates the appearance of full lashes where lashes are sparse.* Permanent eyeliner provides the perfect combination with a lash enhancement to shape and intensify the eyes.* Even when applied independently from lash enhancements, permanent eyeliner contours and shapes your eyes perfectly.* It can be applied to both the upper and lower lids or selectively to just the upper or lower lid. Whether you desire a dramatic and bold look or natural contouring, micro pigmentation technique is a more permanent solution to eyeliner application.*

Permanent Lip Makeup
With permanent lip makeup you can achieve perfectly contoured luscious lips that will never smear or fade.* Put away the mirror, because lipstick on the teeth will be a thing of the past. After permanent lip makeup, you won't need to ever reapply.* This simple cosmetic technique tattoos the perfect color to compliment your unique skin tones and complexion.* Focus is applied to definition, symmetry, pigmentation correction, and volume. A method of blending and shading creates a defined and voluminous shape.* Whether you want that “just bitten” look, a subtle brightening, or a bold color palette, our highly skilled permanent makeup specialist will provide you the with the look you desire.*

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